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Jim Martin

It is often stated that we have never tried it God's way. Maybe it is out of a sense of control or my-country-right-or-wrong-my-country or might makes right mentality or as John McCain has stated more than once - "We don't want to lose!" No matter how ones state it, it still comes down to ... we have never, in the full course of human history, tried to live according to God's plan. It didn't take long for the Israelites to move away from the Year of Jubilee teachings as they called for a king instead of living under the directions of THE KING! Humans, by their very nature, are sinful thinking and acting people.

As for President Obama's speech let me state up front that I do not believe in war - never have, never will ... just or unjust. Although it was an issue with which we were forced to struggle during Christian Ethics class in seminary. We all entered that class with our minds pretty solidly on one side or the other of war, gun control, capital punishment, etc. Remember Viet Nam was going very strong during this time. After one semester struggling with these deep, dark issues most of us came away with a keen understanding and appreciation for those who stood on the other side. So, back to the president's speech, he was really caught in a difficult position. Does he hold true to the stance he made for himself during the campaign or does he make the best lemonade out of the lemons he was dealt AND live to fight another day over other issues. I believe he took the best course he could possible take and still be effective as our president. The one thing I do like about Obama is he listens, asks questions, demands thoroughness before making his decision.

I do believe that we could do better in that war torn country, but there is much to this situation that we do not nor will we ever fully understand.

Cannot recall book, chapter and verse from the Old Testament, but it goes something like: The laughter of children will not be heard in the streets of Zion until the Messiah comes. Yes, Jesus did come, but I have come to believe that it will take his second coming to make it happen. Until then the debate (and struggle for a just peace) will continue!

Dee Dee Allan

Preach it sista! I have nothing to add - your eloquent post says it all.

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