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Barbara Zaborowski

I agree with you about the difference between peacekeeping and peacemaking, but the way to peace is a journey with an eventual arrival, we all hope. Until that day, we need the peace keepers to allow us to get back on the road to peace when we (and by "we" I mean us, our nation and the world) stray off the path. There is a awful lot of convincing (and alas, some more peacekeeping)to do before we're all marching, strolling, skipping and dancing along the way of peace. We're just not there yet.

"If you want peace, work for justice." variously attributed to H.L. Mencken and Pope Paul

Pastor Jim Martin

And therein lies the struggle that Christians have dealt with most of the journey since Christ. Many of the German Christians - both lay and ordained - struggled mightly with what to do with Hitler ... allow him to live or try to kill him. Most of them ended up in prison and lost their lives. It is the Just War struggle. You will find great committed Christians on both sides of this issue. No nation has ever tried it God's way ... and until Christ comes again ... no nation will. So we embrace those we disagree with and admire the commitment many have to their military way of life. It is not a choice that I would make, but am I as committed as they?

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