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Dee Dee Allan

Tell that man to leave you alone! Seriously, I get what you're talking about. That is why I get obsessed with an author and want to read everything they've ever written - some of my favorite sagas are Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City books - not great literature, but I just love the characters and their journeys. And the His Dark Materials trilogy is another that I became engrossed with - I know all the speculation that those are anti-God books, but I still enjoyed the stories and the quests. I also loved Phillip Gulley's Harmoney series - again, wonderful characters.
As far as Glee goes, I think there is something more than just the music - there's the idea of being accepted for who you are, feeling safe to really be who you are - I love that show.


Let it be known that Karen GIVES as good as she gets, if not moreso! And a little feistiness in a marriage is a good thing; you don't want it to get to bland and boring.

Jim Martin

Well, I've been thinking of watching GLEE ... guess I have to now!

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