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Susan M

Don't worry, you can't screw up the kid's life so easily. :o) I once spent a treacherous, worry-filled seven days just knowing that my little girl spent every waking moment at camp dreaming up ways to never let me forget how evil I was for not paying the camp director my life's savings to get her into the earlier session that her best friends had just attended. The reality of her aloneness hit her like a brick when she recognized no one at registration. I cried most of the way home thinking of the angst on her face. Then, when I went to pick her up, I had to pry her away from her newfound friends, as they shared e-mail addresses and promised to try and sign up for the same cabin next year. Although I had prepared to apologize all the way home, I didn't get a word in edgewise as she chattered about her week. Never fear, your parenting instincts are still on track! :o)

Gail Richter

Boys aren't as verbal about their experiences as girls. For example: girls come home from the dance and tell you every little detail about the evening, but a boy will tell you it was OK and if really pressed might even say he had an all right time. Of course, that's not set in stone. It's just been my observation from the past 60+ years of my life. As for the G-man, someday he'll look back fondly at the week of camp even if he tells you the opposite when you go to pick him up.

Donna Stepp

Sometimes, as a parent, we just have to do what we think is best and pray that it turns out alright. Even if G-man doesn't admit to having fun, it will be a good experience for him. It's the first gentle cut on the "apron strings" and believe me it doesn't get any easier for the parents. I still miss my children. (Sorry for the sapppiness.)

Karen Richter

Thanks for the comments everyone. G would probably be mortified that I'm blogging about him (even anonymously), but I'll post on FB after we leave Prescott on Friday. I've had less laundry and fewer dirty cups & glasses this week, but we miss him.

Dee Dee Allan

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Read this post and thought of all my many screw ups with my kids and think they've turned out pretty well, so don't beat yourself up over this, whether he has a good time or not it will be a growing experience for him. And as long as he knows you love him and aren't doing this to punish him or anything like that, he believes that you do what you do for the best of reasons, even if he disagrees, it will be ok in the end. But, the next few years will not be easy. Teenagers are hard - harder than infants or toddlers I think. But just do what you think is right and it will be okay. YOu're not going to ruin him. Your kids are great, each in their own unique way and they have great parents, so don't worry.

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