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Donna Stepp

I think you are right about it being like using new muscles. If you aren't called upon to do these kinds of things regularly, you feel strange when you have to. Maybe we should all work to strengthen this particular part of ourselves. I know that when the right words are said, they can make a difference in the life of the person on the receiving end of them.

Pastor Jim Martin

Welcome to the Spiritual YMCA ... and the exercises that come with the "routine".

Your work experience is a gentle reminder as to why I started to have my churches move away from job descriptions and have the staff people write a Mission Statement - given your gifts and graces for ministry, why does God have you here at this church at this particular point/time in history? I also required each staff person to take a spiritual assessment survey to discover that their spiritual gifts were. Many were really surprised by what they discovered.

Mission Statements simply opens ourselves up to a wider range of possibilities of ministry and the people who populate God's world!

Further, I've been where you are - too many times - then I discovered that best prayer that I could pray and the best prayer that the individual in pain could offer was ... HELP!

Blessing and peace dear friend ... and hugs all around! Jim

Karen Richter

Thanks Jim (and Mom) for commenting. I like the idea of a staff mission statement in addition to or as a replacement for a job description. We are working on a model for the congregation: discern your gifts - pursue your calling - find your joy. Is there a specific spiritual gifts inventory that you use? I've looked at a few and the one at www.umc.org is my favorite. Have a great week!

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